dances in urban spaces

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‘Dances in Urban Spaces’¬†opening the Metropolis Biennale 2011

100 Dancers on their way to Copenhagen
Dancers from all over the world have set their destination, joining the opening of the Metropolis 2011, this year a journey through many different urban spaces.
The wild and mysterious dance nomads ‘100 Dancers’ are on a pilgrimage, exploring the flow and sensory experiences of our city, from Copenhagen Inner City to more remote corners of urban life. Rumours say that you might run into a 100 transvestites on bicycles during rush hour, accompanied by a gypsy band of Spanish opera singers, French avantgarde guitarists, Australian cello players and Finish video artists.
2nd-5th August 2011, follow updates on events and locations throughout Copenhagen on this site
photo : Ingrid Bugge, graphics Pipaluk ‘Paulina and Gosia dancing’

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