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Mayte Vaos is a coreographer, performer and Butoh dance teacher, a creator of experimental performances with interest in searching the interactions between dance, live art , new media, cognitive science, site-specific and collaborations with interdisciplinary artists. She has created pieces for the stage as well as site-specific, directing, choreographing and performing in solo works and big scale projects.
She started in 1984 to study physical theater laboratory Grotowsky and at the same time modern and contemporary dance.Since 1992 she has studied Butoh with many masters in Japan and Europe,specially has been for long time studying and collaborating with the japanese Butoh master Katsura Kan. Her work is a continous experimentation and research about what the dance is and what does it mean Butoh dance in the contemporary world, looking for the essence out of the stereotypes. She has been one of the pionners in Spain introducing Butoh dance trough performances and workshops.She has developed a personal and distint aesthetic and her creation challenges any labeling or categorization.The sources of her work comes from the experimentation, the research and risk taking, constantly pushing the boundaries of her own aesthetic and of Butoh dance.

The choreographic vision of mayte Vaos is feed with the rich aesthetic of western and eastern theater-dance to focus in the organic body, full of artificiality and the artificial organicity, a “by product” of the human civilization in our contemporary society. Her work begins with a direct engagement with the body and the consideration that the body plays with notions of rythm, space, time that contemporary dance often adopt, but also taking into account concepts like emptyness, stillness and no-expression.
Mayte Vaos has created a substantial body of work allways searching for new and original forms to No express but being, from solo works to video-dance and live art installations.

ABOUT  the 100 DANCERS lab, I am actually more interested in knowing other people proposals but I am also happy  to share my work and experience.

I can propose  a butoh orientated lab about  “the waiting”, this is to be done in site-specific places.

Thank you and looking forward to meet you all!


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