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Ole Mirjam Rüppell, Berlin. A geographer who likes to dance and a yacht-sailor with the idea of connecting sailing, dancing and creative sexuality. To create a space for this, I’ve founded a special boat charter and sailing school in Berlin. Sailing understood as a complex sensual, technical and social play and maybe dance. It’s about notions of space and their transformation, too. I’m joining 100dancers now to learn about other’s visions and methods in projects crossing normal boundaries of arts.

My background in CI and related dance topics comes from a non-professional way of learning and practicing over years. Some experiences with performance techniques are influencing my work as tour guide in subterranean Berlin, presenting hidden buildings and their stories. Besides I’ve worked on questions of the perception of open space’s vegetation in cities and on the development of an easily intelligible tool to influence it towards more comprehensive images. For 100dancers in Warsaw here are some approaches:

Destruction, reconstruction and ongoing change. How to dance on historical loaded ground, between tragedy, its memorial and contemporary urban development?

Where is ‘nature’ in a big city and why should I actually care about? Dancing on the green in a concrete jungle or something about the acknowledgment of urban ecological reality.

Improvising with a person, in physical contact. What do I want with that contact? What does a space need to facilitate me to go for it?

Info about my project at www.anderssegeln.de

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