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All participants in 100 DANCERS projects are invited to use this blog, create your artist profile, post your latest crazy idea for a score, suggest locations, tell us about the labs for the Copenhagen meeting, discuss video-projections and light costumes and what ever else you think is fun or important

Become a blogger,  send a mail to info@copenhagendreamhouse.com

It is simple to use the blog, get a login and start sharing your story and ideas (-:

Advice for bloggers :

login – click ‘login’, enter username and password
navigation – a grey bar in top of your screen always guides you to ‘new post’ or dashboard
(please dont worry about the ‘FPW category’ thing  on your dashboard, ignore or remove under ‘screen options’)

images – click small grey icon next to ‘Upload/insert’, upload file + press ‘insert into post’ (+ adjust ‘featured image’)
category – when you publish a new post, select one ‘category’
tags – you can add tags (keywords) if you like
video /slides – simply insert the URL (webadress) and film or slideshow will appear (youtube, flickr etc)
link – select a word or image, click the link (chain) icon, insert web adress

update, save or delete – you can always edit, save a post as draft or ‘move to trash’

not public? – click ‘private’ and only logged in users can see your post

help : check out WordPress.org if you want to know more


photo : from ‘Submarine Ballet’, Mathias Vejerslev

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