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100 DANCERS invites CI-dancers, dancers and choreographers along with collaborating musicians and new media artists to join a new international forum.

100 DANCERS aims to facilitate artistic exchange and research within the field of dance, as well as creating large scale public performances.

For information about upcoming events in 2012 and 2013, check the latest news
First 100 DANCERS conference took place in Copenhagen 28th Juli-5th August 2011

100 DANCERS  focus on the use of improvisation and contact improvisation as tools for creation, addressing the artistic process founded in the ‘now’ experience. This approach is a translation of the individual artist’s need to be exploring on their own terms, to search and find in the ongoing and dynamic process of questions and possible answers.
International and Nordic dancers and choreographers are invited to a dialogue experiment and experience,  a ‘dancing conference’ that takes place in a new location every year, and might also include artistic collaborations, events and performances.

Our goal is to formulate and crystalize techniques and working methods, and to create a focused framework within the international network of artists who continue to research in the fields of movement and dance.

SITE SPECIFIC choreography is a main theme of 100 DANCERS. ‘Site specific’ means creating a performance or artistic event for a specific space or place (instead of a theater stage). Both our cities and nature provide an endless source of incredible sceneries, each one with their own unique atmosphere and a multitude of stories to be told.

The 100 DANCERS meetings  will culminate in grand scale site specific performances around the specific city, created through collaborative investigation and process.
100 DANCERS is a frame work for exchange of choreographic visions, of movement material, of technique and working methods.

The most used term for a conceptual approach to choreography is ‘scores’, meaning any number of defined rules and measures that brings out a specific artistic idea. The scores allow the dancers time and space for individual and group explorations.
The techniques of contact improvisation supports and unifies both partner work and solo explorations, applying a shared vocabulary and common principles in relating movement to mass, structure and weight.

The principal idea of 100 DANCERS, is the meeting between passionate artists and the creation of collaborative works of art.
The Danish organizer and choreographer Pipaluk Supernova took the initiative to the 100 Dancers project, she has over the years experimented with different ways of bringing the world of dance into audience interactive and site specific experiences. She collaborates with dancers from around the world as well as international installation artists, musicians, engineers, scientists, architects, programmers, pyro-technicians, light artists and video artists.

The artistic aim of 100 DANCERS is to create big volumes of movement, a mass of dancing bodies that in seconds will transform our notion of a given space. We wish to explore the symbioses between the free flight and pathways of the individual dancer and artists, combined with our subconscious and instinctive sense of being a part of a much larger pattern. The way we move in time, our choices, our cycles, are all a part of nature, even if nature can seem removed from urban life.
100 DANCERS hope to gain new perspectives on everyday life, challenging the concrete covered spaces, traffic rules and cultural dogmas of ‘good behavior’. By bringing ‘disturbance’ into public spaces, we affect the consciousness of habitual patterns. Dancers are in one moment invisible in the crowds, the next their bodies are causing a complete shift of reality, a rip in the surface of ‘normality’.

100 DANCERS, wild choreography, spontaneous explorations, moments of silence and unexpected beauty.

photo : Mathias Vejerslev

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