Sailing City


The adventurous 2-master “Hawila” is the vessel for nomadic performance project “Sailing City”, where dancers, musicians and installation artists create events in collaboration with climate scientists, activists and engineers.
“Sailing City” invites you to participate in a series of public events on the water and in the harbor areas, the ship being a platform for artistic explorations and debate.

“Sailing City” public events 2016 was :
15th May   Blue Planet Harbor (Copenhagen) kl. 20+21
20-22nd May   Helsingør/Elsinore Harbor (North Zealand) program
3-4th June   Langelinie/Refshaleøen, Copenhagen Habor kl. 22+23+24
17, 24, 25th June   Blue Planet Harbor (Copenhagen) kl. 21+22

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Sailing City
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As a prelude to performances, “Sailing City” host a series of labs and open workshops, establishing dialogue between artists, scientists, activists and local citizens. Within an artistic contexts, we take time to be inspired by, and to debate, paradoxes concerning lifestyle, climate, energy, and the ocean.

The ship Hawila, her tall masts, and the surrounding waters, becomes the stage for a progression of floating dance- and art installations, aerial dance, light art and live music.
The dock areas come alive with the laboratories of “Sailing City”.

Traveling by wind between Northern shores, “Sailing City” carries new ideas.

_6684999668 Pipaluk, Sailing City choreographer

_1320722010 Samuel Faucherre, climate researcher, Hawila

“Hawila” is an eco-living sailing ship built in Norway in 1935, owned by non-profit association “Hawila Project”, whose purpose is to use Hawila as a platform for experiments with climate-friendly lifestyle and CO2-neutral transport.

  “Sailing City” is supported by the Danish Ministry of Culture.
Kunstfonden_LOGO_small_JPG  untitled  koda dramatik logo   photo Karina Tengberg