Live Art

art/nature/technology, large scale choreography, water/fire installations
live music/composition, sound/light installations, robots /interactivity
international artists, collaborative art, audience interaction

Live Art Installations  – site specific events, dance installations, interactive art.
Copenhagen based performance project, an artistic collaboration between choreographers, dancers, composers, musicians, installation artists, engineers and designers from around the world.
Since 2001 a core group of Danish and international artists worked together out of Copenhagen, San Francisco and Berlin.
Our productions include large scale site specific events Battle of Copenhagen, 100 Dancers, Crane Dance, Submarine Ballet and Half Machine installations and events.

Choreographer and installation artist Pipaluk is the producer and artistic guide, with ‘Live Art Installations’ and ‘Half Machine’, her productions focus on strong physical performers interacting with installation artists, musicians, programmers, engineers and scientists in open environments. Within a multidimensional space both artists and audience contribute to the process of creation and discovery.

Events for your city space

A recurring theme is the human body suspended between the elements of nature and raw urban components. Live Art Installations challenges and re-invents a specific environment by means of daring choreography, live music, water, light and fire installations. Our work includes dialogue with local infrastructures and audiences, creating unique live experiences.
Our company consists of highly skilled dancers, aerial dancers, sound artists, musicians and installation artists. We dance on submarines, in a 60 m tall crane, on walls and buildings, in harbors and lakes, transforming urban spaces. Our productions may involve your local fire brigade or ferryboat, a 10 ton aquarium, and, why not, a submarine.

An example is our production ‘Submarine Ballet’, a large scale floating performance. The choreography is set for submarines, barges and towboats, featuring massive fire installations and 70 dancers, sailors and classical musicians on the water.

Live Art Installations are open to proposals for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Based on an initial research, we will propose a unique concept for your location.
Our productions may include workshops with local partners.

3.33 min, slideshow + music, glimpses from recent projects


photo : Mathias Vejerslev