Fragt (Cargo)

Fragt-Plakat-web17-27th August 2017 large scale site specific production FRAGT (Cargo)  takes place in the industrial shipping- and container harbour of Aarhus.

Join us for a 3 hour journey by truck and boat, through the spectacular landscapes of containers from around the globe, and very big machinery…
FRAGT is revealing the story of an intricate global network of international freight, and of the gigantic vessels that carries everything that we consume, across the oceans of earth.
This original performance includes a “Straddle Carrier Ballet” and choreography for a 100 m tall container crane. Actors, dancers, filmmakers and musicians accompany the audience on a journey deep into the restricted areas of Denmarks biggest container harbour.

Pipaluk Supernova is choreographing and Andreas Bennetzen is composing the music. As part of Copenhagen Dream House “Dance Territory” exchange project, our artist collaborators from Burkina Faso take part in FRAGT, dancing in the company of 465.000 tons of shea nuts, picked by hand in Burkina Faso, now stored in a warehouse in Aarhus. 

The performance journey FRAGT is created by Anne Zacho Søgaard and Pipaluk Supernova in collaboration with the performers, text by Peter-Clement Woetmann, music Andreas Bennetzen, scenography Siggi Óli Pálmason, film Troels Engelbrecht.

FRAGT is a production by Udflugten and Aarhus Theatre, in collaboration with European Cultural City 2017,  Aarhus Havn and Copenhagen Dream House.

Participants :
director Anne Zacho Søgaard, play wright Peter-Clement Woetmann, choreographer Pipaluk Supernova, composer Andreas Bennetzen, scenographer Siggi Óli Pálmason, filmmaker Troels Engelbrecht, musicians Charlotte Norholt, Neil Page, Jonathan Slaatoo, Issouf Diarra, Boureima Diarra, actors Kjartan Hansen, Gry Guldager, Matias Hedegaard Andersen, choreographer/dancer Lacina Coulibaly, dancers Esther Tarbangdo, Mariam Traore, the yell choir Tinnitus, and Aarhus crew of volunteers. Production team Christian Salling, Andreas Carlsen, Kathrine Kihm.

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AnnaMarin-5668-web photo Anna Marín Schram