HALF MACHINE is interactive art installations, dance performance and concert events - complex collaborative art experiments involving the audience. An international group of artists create large scale light- and water installations, aerial suspensions, pyrotechnics, high voltage labs and more from recycled materials and electronic wizardry. HALF MACHINE is inviting both spectators, artists and scientists into dialog and interaction including live musicians and fearless dancers in the air and on the ground. HALF MACHINE gave name to a series of events and installations, all leaving a strong imprint as compelling transformative experiences.

Half Machine events + installations, view below

1198645320_1290ad5eec_o The Artists from Live Art Installations collaborating as HALF MACHINE Many hundred artists from around the world take part in creating HALF MACHINE events and installations. HALF MACHINE is inspired by the theme"meltage man and machine". "Objects and dancers are suspended in a giant mobile, robots, video art and live concerts in water and light - a crazy and surreal eco system in the midst of an electronic playground" "All installations are interactive, the artists playing with discarded technology and recycled objects merging with the inventions of tomorrow" "The art is cross connected in a mega grid, patterns and developments triggered by random human interaction. All artists are present throughout the event, and the art/technology and body experiments constantly evolving!" 167114966_3a4902fc6f_o HALF MACHINE events and art experiments are created based on the following guidelines :
  • art is interactive
  • art is created from recycled materials interacting with new technology
  • art is investigating the intertwinement body and machine
  • artists must be present at all times during events
  • artistic process is exposed to encourage dialogue between artists and audience

photo : Mathias Vejerslev

Dance Meetings

In connection with dance project SUFI SCIENCE, we invite dancers, choreographers and musicians based in Denmark to join an exchange project, dance meetings, performance exchange, workshops and choreographic research.  The aim is meetings between artists from different parts of the … Continue reading

Pressemed. Ouagadougou Danser

PRESSEMEDDELELSE maj 2014     (download som PDF) OUAGADOUGOU DANSER  i Taastrup Mød unge moderne dansere og musikere fra Burkina Faso, Vestafrika, og besøg en international dansefestival 15/5  Aksel Torv kl 17 + 18 17/5 Høje-Taastrup Gymnasium kl 19 gratis adgang Pressebilleder til … Continue reading

Desert Dances

photo: Karina Tengberg Site specific dances by the Dead Sea, in the Nagev desert, and in Tel Aviv International dancers in collaboration w.  photographer Karina Tengberg and choreographer Pipaluk at the Israel Contact Festival

Homeless Body

Site specific events and choreographic research, the “Homeless Body” project investigates the effect of poverty and western societies in decline, meeting citizens surviving in the streets of our cities. In collaboration with La Alternativa and Off Center, San Francisco 2014-15

Lava Dances

Exploring volcano landscapes, international dancers and choreographers creating dance visuals and screen dance productions. choreography Pipaluk Supernova, project in progress, photo Meaghan Eady, dancer Aurora Lagatutta, edit Pipaluk