Metropolis Lab

DANSEHALLERNE / CARLSBERG, 28, 29 & 30 June 2010

Live Art Installations will talk about our work 28th June between 8 and 9pm, we took part in the Metropolis project since 2007.

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Initiated in 2007, the Metropolis Laboratory and Metropolis Biennale in Copenhagen is already established as a focal point for a generation of international artists, researchers and practitioners involved with urbanism.

Metropolis Laboratory 2010 will be held at the former Carlsberg Breweries in the heart of Copenhagen. Itself a historic environment, the area is gradually being transformed by arts and cultural institutions – among others DANSEhallerne.

Metropolis is initiated by Copenhagen International Theatre as the frame for a 10 year programme (2007-2017). The main theme of Metropolis is the urban condition as perceived, commentated, contested and developed in the realm of the arts.

photo : Mathias Vejerslev

Submarine Ballet

photo: Mathias Vejerslev

An extraordinary floating dance – and music event through
Copenhagen Inner Harbor 7th +8th August 2009, 10 PM to midnight

SUBMARINE BALLET is a public and free event for all citizens of Copenhagen.
An artistic experiment featuring submarine builders, sailors and 50 international dancers, musicians and installation artists.

On large illuminated fleets surreal and dreamy sceneries are floating through the
Copenhagen city central water way. The audience can follow the event from public
squares, bridges and dock areas along the inner harbor.

A floating symphony orchestra, courageous dancers in costumes made of light, splendid, fire art and light installations in the water, the event culminates repeatedly in cycles through the inner city harbor. Recommend viewing spots are Islands Brygge, Sorte Diamant (Royal Library) and Skuespilhuset (the Theaterhouse) in Nyhavn.
The armada is traveling from south to north, then north to south, offering multiple viewing choices and perspectives during the 2 hours

SUBMARINE BALLET is a both raw and poetic work of art, drifting
through the busy city night, through traffic and noise, completely separate in a
floating world. The fleets appear as both supernatural dream visions and as an odd yet
original way of rethinking theater and installation art.

You can watch the short (4 min.) or the long version (22 min.) of this video (HD off for slow internet!))

video by Y4RO
download map+detailsIMG_3431
The submarines Nautilus and Kraka build by Danish pioneer Peter Madsen. SUBMARINE BALLET is staged and choreographed by Danish artist Pipaluk Supernova in collaboration with the artists.

      CREDITS :


      choreography +concept : Pipaluk Supernova in collaboration w. the artists


      light and fire installations : Thomas Jørgensen, Christian Liljedahl,


      composer : Andreas Bennetzen


      submarines : Peter Madsen & co


      dancers & performers : Maia Hauser, Kerstin Lofvander, Malou Lindholm, Diana Knudsen, Dorthe Bjerre, Allison Lorenzen, Rebecca Patek, Karl Gillick, Ulrike Bodammer, Frank Willens, Daniel Davis, Sacha Kimberly Rudd, Pierre Enaux, Juli Gabor, Sofia Karlsson , Judit Keri, Trine Trash, Margit Lund, Helle Fuglsang, Lisa Ødegaard, Sergio Mendez, Dascha Lavrennikov, Linda Priha, Ela Spalding, Annelien Goetschalckx, Daniel Brooks, Kristen Greco, Niklas Levin, Stefan Fischer, Xiri, Laurent Lavole.


      officers : Tobi Twang, Erik Skibsted.


      orchestra : Hélianne Blais: violin, Niklas Antonson: trombone, Peter Morrison: cello, Ursula Paludan Monberg: horn, Lavinia Whitaker: horn, Andreas Bennetzen: double bass


      submarine crews : Peter Madsen, Claus Nørregaard, Christoffer Meyer, Morten Olsen, Lily, Jev Olsen, Jens Falkenberg + add. crew


      tow boats : Lars Hansen, Hans Peter Warming, Andreas & Hund +add. crew


      motor boats : Boris, Kasper Gabay, Christian Wang, Jannick, Torben, Lauge, Kristian


      costumes : Malou Lindholm, Pipaluk Supernova


      additonal costum : Frederikke Lange, Siri Carlslund


      production assistance : Allison Lorenzen, Jesper Ipsen, Vanessa Carpenter, Hanne Jørgensen, Margit Lund og Natasha Verco.


      sound technique: Bo Boye


      film crew: Jaroslava Colajacomo, Matej Svenda, Robert Fox


      photo : Mathias Vejerslev




    Production by Copenhagen Dream House for Live Art Installations August 2009 in collaboration w. METROPOLIS BIENNALE and with support from Kunstrådets Scenekunstudvalg, Statens Kunstfond, Københavns Musikudvalg and By & Havn

Half Machine 08

photo: Mathias Vejerslev

In August 2008 we sailed art ship M/S Half Machine (the Pananga Pearl) to the North Harbor of Copenhagen. In the amazing setting of ‘Docken’ Half Machine artists hosted 3 weeks of international artists lab and events in the spectacular converted warehouse of Docken, on the docks, on the ship, on submarines and in the water.
Half Machine ‘Explosion Nights’ in Nordhavn Copenhagen featured artists, dancers and musicians from all over the world, collaborating to create performances and interactive installations.

IMG_1329Some of the THEMES and works of Half Machine 08 was : Explosion Tower (audience interactive installation), Submarine Ballet, a Tracking Lab (movement interactive video), the Flying Staircase (water installation), electric wheelchair races for the audience, audience controlled destruction of a living room, storytelling from American writer, upside down dancers suspended from the docks and inside a flying dome, concerts vs choreographies, an Emotional Respons lab, infared camera research, audience interactive sound installations, a living room inside a giant aquarium, and much more

view some of the projects here :

      CREDITS :


      Artists : Thomas Jørgensen, Peter Madsen, Pipaluk Supernova, Dzl, Sonny Windstrup, Stephen Riolo, Vanessa Carpenter, Dzl, Anders Mellbrat, Nils Wiberg, Anson Smith, Piet Baeten, Mads Høbye, Nicolas Padfield, N55, Christian Liljedahl, 02L


      Dancers : Sofia Karlson, Pierre Enaux, Michiel van Leeuwun, Ester Wrobel, Ulrike Bodammer, Daniel Bear Davies, Ulla Makinen, Frank Willens, Karl Gillick, Steen Koerner, Pipaluk Supernova, Anna Anderegg, Lara Russo


      Musicians : Andreas Bennetzen, Helianne Blais, Tobi Twang, Philip Kamata, Gregers Kierkegaard, Henrik Andersen, Marco Barotti, Tomas Ortved, Cecilie Brask, Tobias Wallin and guests


      Artistic director : Pipaluk Supernova


      Musical director : Andreas Bennetzen


      Technical director : Thomas Jørgensen


      Partners : Docken, Metropolis Labs, K.I.T.


    Produced by : Copenhagen Dream House and supported by the Copenhagen City (Københavns Kommune) and Copenhagen Harbor (By og Havn)

M/S Half Machine 07

“M/S Half Machine”, the Half Machine 07 events, took place 10th-26th August in the South Harbor of Copenhagen.

photo: Mathias Vejerslev

The M/S Half Machine events featured dancers, artists and musicians from all over the world, experimenting and collaborating to create performances and interactive installations onboard our art ship. Events was also part of the first Metropolis Biennale.

This project launched art ship M/S Half Machine into public consciousness, as a new platform for interactive art, music, performance and events in Copenhagen.

      The artists onboard was connected through the Half Machine project, and

managed the near impossible task of restoring a 580 tons old and rusty wreck into a functional, safe and highly original floating space for art and events.CRW_7357


M/S Half Machine 07

      , also called North Machine, was produced by Copenhagen Dream House and directed by Danish artist and choreographer Pipaluk Supernova in collaboration with the artists.


      Half Machine 07 and North Machine 07 was supported by Copenhagen International Theater, Metropolis Biennale, By & Havn, Nordic Culture Foundation, KODA and Københavns Kulturfond.



Art :

      KRAKA, submarine, PLAY APART, video art, LOST LOVE CINEMA, performance, PATCHWORK, video installations, MIKMO, circuitebending, Steve Hubback, metal installations, Stephen Riolo, Electro-Briki, Mastiq Sound Art, installation, The Symmetry Project, the Floating Space, the Table, Light Organs, Fire platform, Underwater Lights, Medusae Nilfisk and more…

CRW_7389Dance :

      An international group of dancers explored the art ship M/S Halfmachine, and new dances were created continuously. Improvisations guided by artistic director and choreographer Pipaluk Supernova,

Dancers :

      Kira Kirch, René Alvarez, Francesco Schiano, Allison Lorenzen, Hana Erdman, Mirva Makinen, Ulla Makinen, IIris Raipala Ricardo de Paula, Bruno Caverna, Karin Skaarback, Pipaluk Supernova, Poshu Wang, Louise Bertelsen, Allison Lorenzen, Maria Francesca Scaroni, Jess Curtis and Karl Gillick, aerial dancer

RM Dance Company

      , in memory of Ralph Grant : Birgitte Smedegaard Andersen, Marianne Flensborg, Claus Anton, MaybrittHämalaïnen, Pipaluk Supernova and Annakajsa Holmberg, opera, Karolina Bogus, piano

Music+ sound art

      : Mikmo, circuit bending, Steve Hubback, metal percussion, Ugorskij & Meyer, new electronic, HAVBLIK AUDIO, seagull music, Tobi Twang, electronics, Henrik Liebgott, flamenco guitar, ISW Gregers Kirkegaard, music+visuals, Allan Hammerlund, poet, Harald Viuff, ambi concert, Miloud, trompet, Cecilie Brask, song, Tomas Ortved, drums, Jokke, dj, Jonas Gülstorf, poet, Vodoo Trash Musique, Yann, DROWNINGS DAISIES Allison Lorenzen and Hana Erdman, Helianne Blais, violin, Yann Coppier, electronic music, Laurent Lavole, noise art, Andreas Bennetzen, double bass and musicial director

Artists :

      Peter Madsen, Pipaluk Supernova, Thomas Jørgensen, Schack Lindeman, Mads Høbye, Nicolas Padfield, Jaroslava Colajacomo, Mikmo, Steve Hubback, Stephen Riolo, Stig Eivind Vatne og Mads Paluszewski and more…

Production crew :

    Coordinator and producer Pipaluk Supernova, technical director Thomas Jørgensen, musical director Andreas Bennetzen, add. coordination Tanja Brokholm Schollert, bar Mai & co, cooks Anders Rytter og Malene